Blocked Toilets & Drains / Drain Replacements / Drain Repairs

Blocked Toilets & DrainsWhen blocked drains affect your home they can be unpleasant and are a potential health hazard. When blocked drains affect your home they can be unpleasant and are a potential health hazard. As a result we treat all blocked drains seriously and ensure our Plumber reaches you as soon as possible.

There are many causes of blocked drains, from a build up of fats from kitchen sinks, hair from baths and showers, to tree roots invading old pipe-work.

Solution: Our Plumbers are specially equipped with sophisticated diagnostic systems, enabling them to accurately identify the problem quickly.

Twenty 20 Plumbing is now using the most up to date method of clearing blocked drains.

Using high pressure water, the revolutionary equipment propels itself through the drain, until reaching the blockage.

With special nozzles attached to the high pressure hoses, the water is transformed into fine cutting jets, which will cut through troublesome blockages.

These jets will take off any deposits formed on the internal walls of pipes, cut through tree roots and leave the pipe clean – all without damaging the pipe itself.

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Sewer / Drain Camera Inspections

Whether you have an existing problem within your drains, or want a pre-purchase inspection on the drains, we can investigate and give you answers! Pre-purchase inspections are fast becoming more frequent, as it gives the purchaser the piece of mind their drainage is in good condition and working order. We can use the camera on most stormwater too.

A Drain camera is a vital tool to enable us to identify the cause of any blockages or breakages. Drains will become blocked for a variety of reasons, and in many cases, will continue to do so unless fixed.

With the sewer camera, it will clearly show the cause of any blockage, giving us greater knowledge into what course of action should be taken in solving the problem.

In conjunction with the sewer camera, we also use a sonar locating device, which will pinpoint both the location, and the depth of where the problem is.

This eliminates wasted time and unnecessary digging, in turn keeping costs and inconvenience down.

Twenty 20 Plumbing

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Leaking Toilets, Toilet Cisterns and Burst Pipes

Common causes of leaks are corrosion or rusting of pipes, old or worn fixtures or fittings, and water hammer.

Get rid of the annoying drip and save money.

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Hot Water Systems

Twenty 20 Plumbing provides a full range of Hot Water plumbing services for all types of hot water systems from Solar, Heat pump and electric.

Hot Water Systems Installations – new, replacements or relocation.

Hot Water System Repair and Replacements – Repair leaks, valve replacements, solve temperature problems, or upgrade hot water units to make energy efficient.

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Stormwater Solutions

Queensland is renowned for torrential downpours which have a drastic impact on your drains. If your storm water is not flowing away quickly or you have noticed pooling in your property you may need to review your current drainage, clear any blockages or replace piping.

Many older homes have an insufficient number of downpipes, causing gutters to overflow, as they are unable to take sufficient water away during heavy rain periods. Additional downpipes are an easy solution to this common problem.

Many homes, both old and new, find they have inadequate ground drainage, causing problems to footings, foundations, and causing damp spots on external walls, and sometimes, internal walls. Additional gullies and correct landscaping is the best solution for this.

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Water Hammer

This is usually a very distinct noise that sounds like metal pipes banging, clanging, knocking, shaking or rattling against some part of the building structure. A lot of people don’t realise, that if left unresolved, this ‘knocking’ can be damaging to the pipe work or fittings, causing leaks or burst pipes.

The noise will mostly occur, when you turn a tap on or off, or during a dishwasher or washing machine cycle.

We can install water hammer arresters, along with other methods, to effectively cut out these horrible and damaging sounds.

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Tank Installations

As water prices continue to rise, Rainwater tanks are an excellent way to ease the burden.

Why not take advantage of the summer storms, and use rainwater for your garden tap, flushing your toilets, or even your washing machine. This is now State Legislation for Energy Efficiency Laws, and must be done on all new homes.

Twenty 20 Plumbing can supply and install a wide variety of tanks and rainwater pumps, to suit both your needs, and available space around your home or workplace. We will also install all the relevant plumbing required for the tank to operate correctly, and meet all Council requirements.

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Twenty 20 Plumbing installs the following:

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